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Jon Albon – Bergen Fjelmaraton

Since moving to Bergen, there’s a certain running route that‘s become a favourite when compared to all the others, so you could imagine my excitement when I was told that there was a race along this famous path. The race is called the ‘Bergen Fjellmaraton’ […] Read More >


Toughest Malmö

Jonathan Albon is an athlete first known for his success within the ever growing UK obstacle course racing (OCR) scene. Here he tells us about his participation in the daunting ‘Toughest’ obstacle race series in Scandinavia. My first Toughest event of the year finally arrived […] Read More >


A day in the life of… a personal trainer

5.30am – Wake up and have breakfast I’m a qualified nutrition coach so I’m very conscious of how important a healthy diet is to your fitness and general well-being. I like to start the day with plenty of protein so I’ll have two eggs scrambled with […] Read More >

Off to Rio



Colourful food

We know we need to eat our greens, but health experts agree it’s just as important to get reds, oranges, yellows, blues and purples into our daily diets too. It’s no secret that fruit and vegetables are incredibly nutritious. With very few exceptions, they punch […] Learn More >